Our Story

Spenergy is the brainchild of its Founder and CEO, Mr. Terence Spencer. Mr. Spencer was previously an executive with Chevron in the Caribbean as the head of the Western Caribbean business operations for Rubis Energie and Chevron. Mr. Spencer parted ways with Chevron in 2012 and from there, he spent countless hours executing high-level projects for clients in the Oil and Gas industry. Mr. Spencer later started a small oil and gas management services firm called CayOps in the Cayman Islands. CayOps provided him with a real-time understanding of the complexities involved as a strategic services provider within the supply chain of a downstream oil and gas business in the Caribbean.

After realizing the true potential that a value-driven, lean oriented, supply chain focused oil and gas products and services organization can deliver to businesses operating within the downstream petroleum market, he concluded that he needed to upgrade CayOps to adequately position the company as a high value, strategic partner of choice for downstream companies operating in the Caribbean. This upgrade was essential in order for the company to have a successful path towards growth, sustainability and overall profitability. In 2014, he identified Atlanta, GA as the most strategically opportunistic market for the company to plant its roots and ultimately succeed as a global business.

With Atlanta being a world hub in the aviation industry as well as an emerging market for various small, medium and large businesses, it made sense to re-established the company there. After dissolving the Cayman Islands-based CayOps business, Mr. Spencer relocated his family back home to the United States and settled in Alpharetta where Spenergy was born. After investing over 4,000 man-hours, he took his biggest risk and utilized his kid’s college fund to the tune of $100,000 to fund Spenergy in its preliminary stages in order to kick-start business operations, establish the supply chain network and execute an initial direct marketing campaign to develop Spenergy’s customer base.

Since Spenergy’s inception, the company has grown its revenue year-over-year, established its own branded line of lubricants, oils and greases called SpenTech, and most recently been certified by the US Small Business Administration in its premiere 8(a) business development program as Spenergy has successfully been awarded and completed a number of Federal Contracts with the Army and Navy.

Most recently, he added his wife Anthonia as the President and Chief Marketing Officer of Spenergy. Together, their commitment, poise and perseverance to position Spenergy as the most formidable force in the downstream oil industry is inevitable. By providing a broad range of products and services while staying committed to its core values of people, process and performance, Spenergy is ready to achieve success at its highest levels.

Spenergy’s Voyage ATL Magazine Feature