Spenergy offers a host of services to ensure our customers are equipped to overcome the most complex challenges they face in their day-to-day operation. Some of our value added services include testing and analysis, custom packaging, nationwide bulk delivery and international export. 


In-Service Lubricant Testing

Monitor equipment lubricants through oil analysis to detect potential threats before they cause downtime. Maintenance personnel work proactively, not reactively, to keep equipment running at optimum levels.


Diesel Fuel Testing

Diesel fuel testing is indispensable for monitoring auxiliary and standby power systems in commercial and industrial applications. Testing diesel fuel for long term storage helps predict remaining service life.


Wear Debris Analysis

Wear debris analysis takes oil analysis to a higher level. Analysis of particles generated within lubricating systems can determine the source of wear and how the wear is generated. This takes into account the metallurgy of the wear particle and the physical mechanisms involved in causing the wear.


Turbine Oil Suitability Testing

Spenergy provides in-depth analysis of a lubricant’s key properties, contamination, and irregular component wear affecting turbine performance and oil suitability for continued use.


Metalworking Fluids Analysis

Contaminated and degraded metalworking fluids can cause serious health, environmental, tooling, and product quality problems. Testing provides information essential for uninterrupted business operations.


Coolant Testing

Testing monitors the condition of your coolant to ensure proper system operation. Early detection of potential problems helps determine when additives are needed to maintain necessary protective levels.



Our consultants will work with your maintenance department to ensure your fluids analysis program meets your organizational goals. We offer on-site training, instructional webinars and regionally scheduled workshops to help clients realize the best returns possible for a wide range of areas including fuel procurement, regulatory compliance, petroleum operations and asset management.


Consulting Services

Spenergy offers comprehensive downstream petroleum consulting services that cover all aspects of the petroleum life cycle and daily operational challenges our customers face. These services cover a variety of activities including supply procurement and selection, distribution, storage and handling, market research and assessment, strategy design and business development. More info.